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Human service providers work in a difficult, often dangerous world. Despite the increasing dangers involved in the field of human services, most workers have little understanding of the risks they face and little or no training in how to cope with them. Yet such skills can be taught, and human service agencies can become safe as well as satisfying places to work.

"Working Safe, Working Smart" is a training program for workplace safety, specifically for human service professionals. The focus of this training is on the interaction between staff and clients or the general public. The training presents an approach for determining safety needs within an agency and identifying a broad outline of areas that might require safety planning.

Independent Living Resources, Inc., (ILR) has been helping agencies for over 20 years learn to address their personal workplace safety needs. Unfortunately agencies often call us after a traumatic event, creating an atmosphere of vulnerability. We encourage agencies to prepare and plan for their organizational safety needs. “Working Safe Working Smart” can help you do just that


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